Brow Bar

Hi, I’m Michelle, Salon owner and Brow specialist.  I have over ten year’s experience working in the Brow and Lash industry.  Working with the leading brands, HDBrows, The London Brow Company, Nouveau lashes, Eyebrow Queen, Tina Davies UK, Mina Henna, Lash Bomb and Lashbase, I am always updating my skills and making sure I am on top of the latest brow trends and products on offer.

I offer a full range of Brow treatments from a simple tidy to microblading, with the aim of to be able to treat anyone for anything eyebrows!.  I have been lucky enough to be trained to the highest level  by the best in the eyebrow and make up industry, Nilam Holmes (Eyebrow Queen and former owner of HDBrows) and I am proud to say that I was the first person in the South West to achieve the accreditation from HDBrows as Master Stylist.  I have featured on ITV and promotional videos for HDBrows.  As well as all  brow treatments I also offer LVL (lash lifting) an ever increasing popular treatment that allows your own lashes to be straigtened to create length and volume.   

Moving from Essex six years ago, I hoped to bring a little bit of Essex brow love to Gloucester and opened The Brow Bar.  Relocating in 2020, I finally opened my own salon, with the dream of bringing like minded beauty specialists in a personable environment,  and THE BAR was born.

When I am not doing your brows in my head or hands, I am a busy mum to 3 kids and a naughty Beagle dog, who became famous when he climbed onto our roof.

As well as loving all things beauty, I also have a love for handbags and shopping. 

Who doesn’t love a lash lift and full brow? Brows finished with the HDBrows brow glue for a fluffier look.

Brow Sculpt/ Brow Lamination

Henna Brows



Threading is a technique developed in India to remove the hair, from root, using a cotton thread.  It is a much kinder method of hair removal for your skin, as it only removes the hair and not the top layer of skin, like waxing does.  It is a preferred method for removing the vellus hair (the soft downy hair on the skin) and does not change the structure, strength or colour of the hair.  For those tough, pesky, hormonal hairs, a thread can remove these painlessly and from the root, without having to wait for them to grow.  Facial hair is a topic we all seem to have, but many don’t like to talk about.  If you do have an area of hair that bothers you, please do not be embarrassed to ask my advice regarding removal and please do not be worried that it will come back darker and stronger, removal from the root safely can mean it comes back softer and in some cases hardly at all.